About A Better Broken 2016

Sharp glass pieces lie shattered on the floor.  The original form, a beautiful green bowl my parents received for their wedding…a bowl I broke as a child.  No matter how hard I could’ve tried, I couldn’t put the pieces back together perfectly.  It was broken.


That’s also me today.  Like that glass bowl, no rearranging of the broken pieces will allow me to be the same as before.  And yet, I’m learning that’s not all bad.

We all face difficult things in life.  The storms rage on providing destruction, brokenness.   Some days are better.  Others can be lived in hopelessness, in despair.  Some trials end and others are on-going for years.

I’ve always found the sun so beautiful after the storm…a reminder to me of my great God who never waivers and is always betterbroken3there.  I’m learning there’s beauty in the midst of life’s storms in addition to when they cease.

I have a choice…we all do:  allow our brokenness and difficult circumstances to bring us closer to God or further away from Him.

God doesn’t promise to fix the circumstances in our lives.  He doesn’t promise to take away our brokenness.  He does promise us:

Thus this blog.  My life and heart are broken…shattered from the decisions a loved one has and continues to make and how those decisions have also affected my life.  Sin rarely affects only the person choosing it.  And yet, I’m choosing to move away from anger, disappointment, and bitterness and choosing to seek what God wants to do in my life through this.  I’ve Struggled and I’m learning that God wants to use my brokenness to create in me a Better Broken, as Laura Story pens in her book “When God Doesn’t Fix It”.

Better Broken is a beautiful phrase to me…I’m learning that God wants me to get better in my brokenness by knowing Him with an intimacy and genuineness I’ve never-before experienced.  To completely trust Him with each day and footpath instead of focusing on hiking the tallest peak of the mountains in my life.  To not hide in my circumstances but be ready to share genuinely how God’s working in my life without having to talk about my loved one.  To embrace the reality I’ve been given now-I can daily pray for my loved one each morning but also look to God to help me embrace where He has me right now.

My prayer is that my story of healing…of becoming a better broken…will ultimately glorify God through what He’s doing in my life.  And I’m sharing in the event what I’m learning will be a blessing to you.

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