About Better Broken

Brokenness.  betterbroken3

We all experience this at some point in our lives.

It’s an opportunity, a choice, to trust God for who He is and take Him at His word.

Brokenness is dying to our pride and humbly coming to God.  It’s surrendering realizing we’re powerless to fix anything ourselves.  We need to be in this place in order to completely put our faith and trust in Him alone for salvation.

And God continues to allow brokenness in our lives in the seasons of trials and testings.  A reminder that He is God and we are not.  That He is in control, and we aren’t.

A reminder that He is Faithful. He is Good. He is All-Knowing. He is All-Powerful.  He is Creator.  He is Sustainer.  He walks in the fire beside us.  He holds our healing in His hands.  He stores our tears in His bottle.  He Loves.  He is Just.  He alone is Sovereign.

Better Broken is a term I read in Laura Story’s Book When God Doesn’t Fix It.  I’m learning God greatly reveals Himself to me in ways I may not have searched for outside of brokenness in life.  Too often I found myself self-sufficient.  To me, better broken means trusting and relying upon God completely as we walk through life-through the trials and joys.  Humbling ourselves before Him in complete awe and trust while He walks beside us and reveals His beautiful plan through the brokenness we all face in life….the beauty of coming to a better place in our walk with God and knowing Him as a result of the brokenness.

I began this blog in 2016 in the midst of working on healing from my former spouse’s addiction and in the midst of fighting for marriage prior to divorce. I continued writing but didn’t publish additional posts till several years post-divorce. I’ve kept all the posts to show the genuineness of the struggle.

As God has brought me from, through, and to where He has me today, my prayer is that what He is teaching me about brokenness and His beautiful plan can be used to glorify Him.  God has uniquely allowed each of our stories.  The commonality is we all face brokenness at some point.  So I’m sharing in the event what I’ve learned and am learning can also be a blessing to you.