Dear Heavenly Father

…I’ve said this numerous times in my life…or “Dear Lord Jesus” or “Dear God”…an opening to prayer.  A familiar greeting such as an opening to a letter.

What I realized one day as I reflected on who my God is to me…I’m addressing God as I would in a letter…it’s just an opening greeting.

Even though my prayers often begin with thankfulness to God for who He is…I wasn’t thinking about who I was addressing in my opening line-just saying the words.

This really took me back and I spent a week reflecting on this…to think about the relationship God desires with me as His child.

It’s taking practice.  What I’m doing is taking a moment before opening in prayer to reflect on who God is to me…what God means to me…the fact that He’s right there with me in that moment and always…and then I begin to pray with the renewed head and heart knowledge of who I am talking to instead of addressing God like the opening of a letter.

Is this something you can relate to?

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